Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Favorite Music | Fall 2015 Semester

In the midst of the semester I realized the songs I've been listening to these past couple months have been swiftly changing as I discover new songs. I'm one of those people who listens the crap out of a song for a good couple weeks. sometimes a month or two, and then drops it cold, but if a year goes by and I listen to it again, my love for it reawakens. My feelings and memories from that time wash over me and whether they're positive or negative, these instant flashbacks are one of my favorite ways of remembering my past. Does anyone else associate music with time like that? Anyway, because there have been so many tunes running through my head this semester, I haven't gotten sick of them as quickly. Most of these songs I can firmly say are still on my playlist. Also, when I relive the moments these songs will later erect, I'm going to think, "Wow. You were really on a pop grind."


Zara Larsson Talented singer, surprisingly young, and catchy pop. The first of her songs I liked was Uncover, but She's Not Me is it. I'm surprised she's not bigger in the USA.


Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift Drop what you are holding! Drop it! Pause what you are doing because I can say that, for the first time, I willingly listen to a Taylor Swift song. And not just listen to, but sing along. I know. We're all floored alongside that book you just dropped. I don't a solid explanation for this one. Something about the melodic quality to her voice during the chorus. It makes me feel light.

Same Old Love - Selena Gomez Big fan of Selena Gomez as a person since I was a youngin. She's been through so much and she's handled it all with such a grace and resilience in the public eye. This whole album is a breakthrough for her and I could definitely feel it. Same Old Love is one of the catchier pop songs on her album, but as of November, the playfulness of Hands to Myself can't keep the smile at bay. (See album work below.)

Flaws - Vancouver Sleep Clinic Vancouver Sleep Clinic is my new obsesh. It's filling the same void that Bon Iver does so if you're a massive Bon Iver fan...

The Weekend - The Hills Absofuckinglute guilty pleasure. Am yet, I'm not even guilty.  (Couldn't locate video to insert.)

Missed - Ella Henderson One-clicked (is that a iTunes term too? Just amazon kindle? Okay.) this soul shredding beauty and belted nonstop with Miss Henderson for days. Sorry roommates.

A While - Gabrielle Aplin Beautiful vocal arrangements. That is what I look for most in a song and this delivers 100 percent. And this LIVE recording? Gorgeous. Or in my roommate's words, depressing.

What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Like the rest of the world, I've felt the ever unexpected foot tap and heart flutter at the new JB music. Unlike pockets around the world, my newfound love is unapologetic. (See album work below.)



Wild - Troye Sivan All of his songs are gold, but this was the first of his songs that really honed me in. Although I've known of Troye and his YouTube channel for the past few years, I never was a devote fan or even knew of his music pursuits. I'm happy his music has been spotlighted to share with the rest of the world!

I Found - Amber Run My calm side.

Tough Love - Jessie Ware Never heard of her before, but this single is catchy.

Dark Star Album - Jaymes Young Merely stumbled across this guy, but he became my go-to when I spent long hours in the computer lab on my graphic design projects. That might be why when I listen to it now, I have a distaste for some of the songs... I still enjoy Moondust, Parachute, and Northern Lights.



Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home After being introduced to this as one of the pieces in my performing RSO's fall show, I cried, fell in love, and cried some more. That's how it goes.

I'll Show You - Justin Bieber I mean, have you HEARD him sing LIVE? I could have listened to his vocal harp strings all day long. I'll Show You, Sorry, Children, The Feeling... they're all on the table for me and they've been the center of my playlist since he started dropping new singles.

Colors - Halsey Halsey is a bit trendy now, but eh, what can I say? I'm digging her crass and word play. Color is my song when I wake up, when I need some lulling to the soul, when I am trying to forget that I'm running for twenty minutes straight...

Selena Gomez This month I purchased tickets for her Revival tour so November was all about the Gomez pre-game.


Thank the earth and everyone on it for music because I truly would have lost my sanity this semester without it. What have you been addicted to? - Holly

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