How I review:
With any book I read and review, I am giving my honest, personal opinion. Some things that may bother me about a book may not bother someone else, or I may be able to overlook an aspect of a story that others get hung up on. In my reviews, I try to express what I do and don't like about a book so that others can try to determine whether they should give the book a try, despite whatever rating I've given it. Having said that, my review of the book does not reflect the overall consensus of the book's quality, but just ONE reader's honest opinion through my own analysis. When I dislike a book that I am reviewing, I try to constructively describe what it was about the book that made me dislike it while still giving an honest, but not disrespectful opinion.

Review requests:
I'd love to hear from YOU which books you'd like me to read and review, whether you are a fellow book lover or an author (including indies!), but please understand that not every book requested is going to be one I am interested in reading, and if that is the case, I will politely decline the request. We all have our own styles and genres that we like to read so please do not take any offense to this. Please see my contact page for ways to contact me for requests.

What I read:
I read a little of every age group and genre so you'll see a little of everything featured on here. Most frequently I am drawn to YA books of the romance, contemporary fiction, paranormal/supernatural, or sci-fi genres, and these are the only books I will accept review requests for. If you'd like to predetermine if the book you want me to review is something I'd like, visit my Goodreads account to view more of my book ratings. If you're not sure, there's no harm in sending me a request anyway!

Request disclaimer:
For any book I am reviewing due to request, I add a disclaimer on the review, stating that the review has been requested, I have not been paid to review it, and I am giving my own honest opinion.

When I post reviews:
My reviews are sporadically posted due to my own obligations and daily schedule. I'm sorry for any inconsistency in my posts, but know that I do try my best. If there is a book you know I've read and still haven't reviewed, feel free to send in a little review request/reminder, I'll add it to the top of my "to-review" list and get to it as soon as I can. I will not be able to review every book I read in full, but I make at least a small note of what I did/didn't like about a book on Goodreads.

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