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BONUS MATERIAL: Tiger's Curse Character #Tweets

While Colleen Houck is taking a short break from her daily/weekly character tweets in Tiger's Quest, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the Tiger's Curse character tweets! Tiger's Curse was my favorite book in the series so I adore these tweets. Rereading them now rejuvenates all the feels this book gave me the first time I read it. <3


Wheat grass shakes? Seriously?! What I wouldn't give for chocolate chip pancakes and a slice of bacon! #Kelsey

I'm worried about grandfather. He despairs of ever finding the one he seeks. #Nilima

They just moved me. I smell rain...and trees. Would it kill them to put me near a window? #Ren

Spending today in the corner of a bookstore reading. Graduation coming soon and then I'll look for a job. #Kelsey

Raining hard in Dallas tonight. Start job search tomorrow. #Kelsey

Davis finally let me out of my cage today. I must have spent 10 minutes just stretching. #Ren

It's been a while since I checked on the prince. I should make the effort again soon. #Mr. Kadam

Got a job. All those times I thought about running away to the circus and now I'm actually doing it. #Kelsey

Tonight was our first performance in the new town. The troupe is on edge. Funds are low. It doesn't bode well for the tiger. #Ren

Started my new job today. Love the people. A white tiger performed! Wish I brought my sketching book. #Kelsey

There's a new girl working here. She's helping Davis. I find myself watching her whenever she's near. #Ren

Sometimes I feel like the tiger is watching me, I mean more than an animal usually does. #Kelsey

She read me poetry. I devoured each word, repeating them in my mind so I wouldn't forget, then I watched over her as she slept. #Ren

I fell asleep near the tiger's cage last night. It was strange but I felt cared for, like when my mom used to tuck me in. #Kelsey

She was leaving so I made a sound and thought, "Please. Just stay a little longer. Don't go yet." That's when...she touched me. #Ren

I touched the tiger. It was crazy and stupid but I...had to. #Kelsey

Something's happened. I took human form for the first time in this century. I spent my minutes relearning to walk on two feet. #Ren

I think the tiger is sick. He's acting strange. He's pacing a lot and he's messing up his routines. #Kelsey

Today is my 18th birthday. Doubt I'll have a party. Do they make soy cakes? I hope not. Sigh...Nothing exciting ever happens to me. #Kelsey

On my way to see the prince. To take human form again after all these years...I can't imagine how difficult it's been for him. #MrKadam

Spoke with Kadam. We think Kelsey is the girl we've been looking for. I hate to deceive her but I really feel it’s the only way. #Ren

The prince is remarkably well adjusted despite his captivity. I worry over the girl. There's sadness in her eyes. #MrKadam

To my great relief the young lady has agreed to accompany us. On our way to the plane now. Nilima is unhappy with me for lying. #MrKadam

There's a fire in the girl. I didn't expect that. And she's totally unafraid of the prince. It's hard to believe the beast is a man. #Nilima

When the back of the plane opened, I lifted my head and smelled the air. India! I was home. #Ren

I have never disagreed with Ren's choices before but today we argued hotly over the decision to lead her haplessly into the jungle. #MrKadam

I was immediately aware of her when she stood at the window but I didn't move at first. I wanted to look at her with my human eyes. #Ren

How did I end up in the middle of the Indian jungle with a tiger? I win the prize for world's worst decisions. #Kelsey

Had to chase off a leopard before settling down for the night to watch over Kelsey. She's handling the jungle surprisingly well. #Ren

Spent the night near Kelsey. I buried my nose in her sweet scented hair and when I woke up, I forgot for a moment that I was a tiger. #Ren

I smell like campfire. I have a sunburn. There are bug bites all over my body. And my hiking buddy is a tiger. What's next?! #Kelsey

As a man, I instantly became aware of the gold in her hair, her height measured against mine, and how easily she'd fit in my arms. #Ren

Dropped off the Jeep with Nilima who loudly expressed her concerns with our plan. She's not wrong. I hope Miss Kelsey is safe. #MrKadam

She set her trembling hand in mine & followed me. In the hut she quickly moved away but I could still feel the press of her fingers. #Ren

I told her who I am, what I am, and she didn't run away. For the first time in centuries, I feel hope. #Ren

Leaning about herbs in a hut in the middle of the jungle. What's going on is too crazy for you to believe. #Kelsey

We're heading to the car. She's overheated and sunburned but she's coming. I wish I could talk to her and take care of her properly. #Ren

Nilima has prepared a room for the girl. I'm unsure if the prince would prefer to eat as man or tiger. I have prepared for both. #MrKadam

She twirled in her blue dress & I thought her the most enchanting creature I'd ever seen & her hair, I wanted to bury my hands in it. #Ren

Miss Kelsey and Dhiren have left for the cave. I did all I could to prepare her. I hope it is enough. #MrKadam

Driving to Mumbai with her chatting away, I felt like a man on a date with a beautiful girl, except I was sitting in the back seat. #Ren

I wove a path through the jungle avoiding hundreds of dangerous creatures that could take her life. It’s better that she doesn't know. #Ren

When Kelsey found the opening to the labyrinth I caught the fresh scent of lotus and followed it. #Ren

We made it through the traps. Though dangerous, I'd go back through them all just to have her wrap her arms around me like that again. #Ren

We made it out of the cave only to be stalked by another tiger! I fought her off only to find Kelsey being attacked by a panther. #Ren

We made it out by the skin of our teeth or perhaps the skin in my teeth and we're headed for home. I think the hard part is over. #Ren

Hearing her on the veranda, I used 3 precious min to shower & dress. Opening the door, my stomach twisted with nerves & anticipation. #Ren

I had hoped the curse would be broken after the cave but it appears there is much more that must be done. #MrKadam

Kadam told me that breaking the curse meant more danger for Kelsey. Convincing Kishan to give up his amulet is only way to protect her. #Ren

Ren wants to find his brother. I don't believe Kishan will help him. The tiger seems to have taken over the man. #MrKadam

I was stalking dinner when I came across the scent. After all these years he was still alive. Prey forgotten, I trailed my brother. #Kishan

I watched her standing by the waterfall. She laughed as butterflies rose & landed in her hair. All I could think about was kissing her. #Ren

Led Ren far from his campsite, I want to see what he's protecting out there. #Kishan

She read a poem & I found a summer's day in the blush of her cheek, the sun's glint in her hair, & the peach blossom scent of her skin. #Ren

I had no right to be in love. I had nothing to offer her. But reason drowned in the beat of my heart, & I asked permission to kiss her. #Ren

Blushing, she stammered, embarrassed by my suggestion. I’m a fool. How could I ask her to return my affections when she only knows the tiger? #Ren

I crouched in the trees watching the girl. She was writing something. I was fascinated by the expressions flitting across her face. #Kishan

He tricked me, doubling back to follow his own tracks & when I realized he was headed for Kelsey I ran faster than I ever had before. #Ren

He fought me. I've never seen Ren act this way before. He was always the model son, the diplomat. Has he changed or is it her? #Kishan

I was out of time and as a tiger there wasn't much I could do, other than killing him, to prevent Kishan from sweet talking Kelsey. #Ren

Ren asked me to watch over Kelsey. I can understand his interest in her. She's brave & determined but she's also tender hearted. #Kishan

I can't hunt, can't focus. All I can think about is Kishan either not taking care of Kelsey well enough or taking care of her too well. #Ren

I woke Kelsey from her nightmare and wrapped her in my arms. The thunder of my heart was more powerful than the raging storm. #Ren

A big animal moved outside my tent. Assumed it was Ren and was shocked to see the younger prince instead holding Miss Kelsey's bag. #MrKadam

Circling back, I found the camp deserted. Running fast, I caught up and watched them from the trees. I didn't want her to leave. #Kishan

I was relieved that Kishan loaned his amulet to Miss Kelsey. She seemed...out of sorts upon her return from the jungle. #MrKadam

When we left Ren in the jungle it was like a #Iscrewedupmydatewithadreamyguy + #Iabandonedmypetonthesideoftheroad feeling. #Kelsey

I paced in the jungle and then, suddenly, I just started running. When I found her hotel it was late. I let out a breath and knocked. #Ren

She opened the door & I asked if I could stay. It wasn't proper to ask but she was my light in a dark room & I craved her desperately. #Ren

I didn't expect anything. I just wanted to be near her. The world outside fell away. Melted around us. Then, she kissed me. #Ren

I cupped her precious face in my hands & she trembled. She seemed frightened, fragile at first, but then she clung to me & I was lost. #Ren

She was a perfect bloom. I smoothed the soft petals of her hair, touched my lips to her delicate arched neck, & tucked her into my soul. #Ren

Just before dawn I woke, softly touched her cheek, & headed back to the jungle. My future was undetermined but I wanted her in it. #Ren

I plan to take Miss Kelsey to a temple of Durga today. I chose the one closest to Hampi. It may result in nothing but we must try. #MrKadam

Kelsey had the cutest smudge of dirt across her nose. It was nice exploring the temple with her. Nice until the statue came to life. #Ren

Sensing her fear, I leapt in front of Kelsey and came face to face with Durga's tiger. He snarled & watched Kelsey with hungry eyes. #Ren

The snake headed toward Kelsey & waves fear came from her, so thick it almost choked me. There was nothing I could do except watch. #Ren

I intended to check on Kelsey & Ren in the temple when a strange lethargy came over me. It caused me to sleep until their return. #MrKadam

The golden treasures amazed me. When Miss Kelsey lifted the gada with ease, I realized that I might not be meant to help them. #MrKadam

They spent the day in Hampi. I sat under a shady tree, licked my paws, & sulked, wishing I was the man at her side, holding her hand. #Ren

Kadam sent us into the ruins at night. I could see clearly enough but Kelsey struggled. Then, the golden snake lit up the landscape. #Ren

We couldn't open the passageway that night. Kelsey slept fitfully while I kept watch over the ruins & the woman I couldn't live without. #Ren

The trees attacked. I panicked when I sensed Kelsey giving up and beat the trees with violent desperation until we were safely through. #Ren

When I realized the tiger had no pull over me, I could have wept. Instead, I took hold of Kelsey's hand and walked beside her as a man. #Ren

I raced through the cave looking for Kelsey. I avoided imposters & finally caught her lovely scent. I found her dead & my heart stopped. #Ren

I paced the jungle worrying. Ren obviously wanted her, but I wondered if she felt the same. Why can't I stop thinking about her? #Kishan

I was so thrilled about being human it took half a day for me to realize that Kelsey was nervously pulling away. What am I doing wrong? #Ren

Kelsey slept in my arms. I pulled her close & pressed my lips to her shoulder. She sighed softly, whispered my name & I was enchanted. #Ren

Having Kelsey wake up in my arms was a gift but she seemed embarrassed & avoided me all morning. Something's wrong. Doesn't she trust me? #Ren

Kelsey avoided me all day. The only change in our relationship was that I was a man. Maybe she only cares for the tiger version of me. #Ren

She only loved the tiger. She didn't know how trapped I felt in that form. I allowed resentment to fester & lost my temper. #Ren

I plucked a mango flower from the golden tree hoping to apologize but she moved away again as if she couldn't stand to be near me. #Ren

When the monkeys attacked I tried to divert their attention & headed to the trees to dispatch them quickly so I could help Kelsey. #Ren

Leaving Kelsey in a safe place, I led the Kappa into the needle forest and savagely ripped them apart with teeth and claws. # Ren

Finishing off the Kappa I paused. Something was wrong. I raced back to the clearing like a madman cursing myself for leaving her alone. #Ren

At first I thought it had killed her. In a blind rage I destroyed it, then I heard her gasp & sunk to my knees. She was alive...barely. #Ren

I wouldn't have moved her but I heard the trees & knew more Kappa were coming. Cradling her in my arms, I raced back to the cave. #Ren

When we got to the cave, I treated the wound as best I could but she was still fading and there was nothing I could do to stop it. #Ren

Fear became despair as I watched her suffer. As her life ebbed away, I clutched her fingers & wondered how I'd go on living without her. #Ren

I was resting when the breeze suddenly died. An omen. I raised my head and sniffed the dead air. I shouldn't have let them go alone. #Kishan

I knew she was dying. There was so much I wanted to say but all I could do was try to make her comfortable. Then Fanindra struck. #Ren

I raised the gada intent on killing Fanindra but then I saw her golden venom was actually healing Kelsey. Instead I wept in gratitude. #Ren

She lived and my soul filled with gladness. If she would have agreed, I'd have happily stayed there with her forever. #Ren

She insisted on heading back & immediately pulled away from me. I need to know if what I feel is one sided or if she's just stubborn. #Ren

Something in me snapped when she marched up the stairs. A gentleman doesn't take, he asks. But I couldn't let her walk away from me. #Ren

I wrapped the unyielding woman I loved in my arms & kissed her slowly, hoping that some part of her would sense my absolute devotion. #Ren

She answered with a passion I didn’t expect & I was lost. In that moment our hearts beat as one. In that moment I knew she loved me. #Ren

Thrilled with the knowledge that she loved me, it took me a moment to realize that she was angry. I found her tantrum irresistible. #Ren

Kelsey & Ren appeared shortly after sunrise. Seeing Lokesh in my dream filled me with a cold dread that I kept hidden from them. #MrKadam

That she was still angry was obvious, but nothing dimmed my mood until Kadam asked her about the vision & she confirmed what he saw. #Ren

Left in the jungle, I paced, hating my tiger form. In Kishkindha I had a taste of being a man. Now anything else feels insufferable. #Ren

I became a man the instant my body allowed. I waited for the pull of the tiger to overtake me. An hour passed, then two. Am I cured? #Ren

The prince met me as a man & we rejoiced together that he could now take human form for a few hours. It is more than we hoped for. #MrKadam

Ren spoke like the man I once knew. He instructed me regarding Miss Kelsey confirming my suspicions about his feelings for her. #MrKadam

With Miss Kelsey settled in at the hotel, Ren & I went into town. He got a haircut, bought clothes & walked the streets as a man. #MrKadam

The prince wanted to surprise Miss Kelsey at dinner. I hesitated but he assured me that he would be kind and behave as a gentleman. #MrKadam

I watched her enter the restaurant. Her lovely hair hung in soft waves around her shoulders. Needing to touch it, I rose to greet her. #Ren

She refused to look at me so I cupped her chin & her eyes finally found mine. I desperately hoped that she’d see a man & not a tiger. #Ren

She wanted to run from me. Again. Threatening her worked. She lifted her stubborn chin & narrowed her eyes, the frightened deer expression gone. #Ren

The waitress gave me a food list. What does entree, kebab, or marinated mean? Embarrassed, I told the woman to bring one of everything. #Ren

Kelsey was jealous of the waitress. I almost laughed. This beautiful girl was absolutely perfect for me. How could I look at another? #Ren

She announced that she might not be needed to complete the other tasks. I tried to hide the cold wave of panic that swept through me. #Ren

Something happened. I was hidden in the trees in human form watching a group of children kick a ball. An hour passed, then two. #Kishan

I tried to talk about us, but I was a novice at such things and she countered my every word with the ease of a skilled swordsman. #Ren

Our first date didn’t go as planned. She was determined to escape-the wrong thing to do with a tiger-it took all my restraint not to pounce. #Ren

We spoke for several hours. It is gratifying to see that despite his years as a tiger, the good man I once knew is still there. #MrKadam

Going from being a man 24/7 in Kishkindha to only getting 6 hrs/day was hard but for the first time in decades I look forward to tmw. #Ren

I stumbled into the village barefooted & asked the first person I met to help me find my friend. She fed me & called the authorities. #Kishan

I was going over the list of forged documents needed to bring the prince back from the dead when I got the call that Kishan wanted to come home. #MrKadam

I growled as I tried to make her a sandwich, annoyed with my inability to compete such a simple modern task. I’d been a tiger too long. #Ren

She said she wanted to talk & I was relieved. In my time a man who felt this way about a woman wasted no time declaring his intentions. #Ren

I parked near the village at dusk & a few moments later the big black cat emerged from the trees. Kishan was finally coming home. #MrKadam

Hearing her on the veranda, my heartbeat quickened. I've mingled with kings & warlords but only with her do I lose my composure. #Ren

The setting sun glinting off her hair & skin made her look like a goddess trapped in human form. I’d never seen a woman so beautiful. #Ren

I took her hand & enjoyed the moment. Six hours stretched ahead of me like a lifetime & my heart was filled with love and gratitude. #Ren

She was nervous so I massaged her feet. Blisters covered the delicate arches. I was determined never to cause her such pain again. #Ren

We passed through a city with impossibly tall buildings and as I marveled, I thought, how was I going to acclimate to this new world? #Kishan

At first I thought she was rejecting me because I wasn’t normal. It hurt but I understood it. Then I realized that wasn't it at all. #Ren

She believed she was ordinary? Impossible! Any man with common sense would see what I do. The more she went on the angrier I became. #Ren

She said I only loved her because of the curse & that I only wanted her because I felt pity. Obviously I’d failed in conveying my true feelings. #Ren

When she said she was leaving it was like the wide world, suddenly open to me, shrunk to a pinpoint of light. How could I breathe without her? #Ren

She closed the door & I felt caged, trapped. I pressed my palms against the offensive barrier & tried to stop myself from breaking it. #Ren

Stepping into the massive house was intimidating but I caught her scent immediately & knew I’d made the right decision by returning. #Kishan

I’m approaching this wrong. Maybe Nilima can help. Regardless, before she leaves I need to make sure Kelsey knows exactly how I feel. #Ren

Passing her door I heard water & something else. She was crying. Kadam shook his head and led on. If Ren hurt her, I’d kill him. # Kishan

Though exhilarating to consider the Golden Fruit's power, I worried over our blind leap into a world of seemingly limitless magic. #MrKadam

Tears came as she confessed her feelings for Ren. In the past I’d be overstepping my bounds to counsel the prince but I feel I must. #MrKadam

Kadam wants to let her leave. He was surprised by my defiance but I won't let her go, at least not until she knows exactly how I feel. #Ren

Kelsey went swimming. I rehearsed what I wanted to say, headed outside, & saw her hug Kishan. Insanely jealous, I broke the railing. #Ren

Kadam told me Kishan returned and now I knew why. I didn’t react much to his stealing Yesubai, but with Kelsey, he was risking his life. #Ren

I was nervous, but when she put her arms around me I knew I made the right decision. At that moment I truly felt like I’d come home. #Kishan

Kadam told me that Kelsey wasn’t betrothed to Ren but still, I refused to make the same mistake again. I planned to ask her outright. #Kishan

We talked and I asked her to accompany me to dinner. She agreed! Kadam will act as our chaperone. Also discovered I like root beer. #Kishan

They left for dinner & I paced. I thought of Kishan taking her hand & making her laugh. Unable to stand it any longer, I called a taxi. #Ren

I should’ve been out of my element, but as she described the modern world with enthusiasm, I felt as if there was a place for me. #Kishan

I urged the driver to go faster. I felt a strange pressing need to find her & knew somehow that if I didn’t hurry I’d lose her forever. #Ren

She danced with Kadam & I couldn't take my eyes off her. Not knowing how to court her or if it was even proper, I asked her to dance. #Kishan

Cold ice trickled through my veins as I stood there watching Kishan & Kelsey dance. I wanted to dash out on the floor & rip him apart. #Ren

I lifted my head when I caught Ren’s scent. He was fuming to the point that I thought a vein might explode in his head. Interesting. #Kishan

He was coldly indifferent to Yesubai. He was angry, yes, but with Kelsey my always-in-control older brother became a snarling beast. #Kishan

Kishan left and the moment I touched her, my icy blood warmed. The anger subsided and I felt as if I could breathe again. #Ren

I couldn’t let her leave. She needed to know what she meant to me. Guiding her outside, I mentally rehearsed what to say. #Ren

What could I say to make this beautiful girl know how desperately I needed her? Practiced words fled my mind & I shamelessly begged. #Ren

Ren had been enraged & I worried when he took Kelsey outside. I rose to check on her but Kadam held me back & said they’d be fine. #Kishan

I gave her an anklet I’d bought before our dinner date & couldn’t help feeling proud to see the girl I loved wear jewelry I’d given her. #Ren

Cage me? Didn’t she know I was only free when I was with her? I again cursed my inability to express myself properly in this century. #Ren

After confessing her love, she ran from me. I wanted to stop her but I let her go. If she really loved me how could she leave? #Ren

Miss Kelsey ran into the restaurant with streaming tears. Ah the drama of young love. I’d have to speak with the princes. #MrKadam

When I saw her tears, I took her arm & guided her towards the car. Now I was the one fuming. He hurt her? I’d hurt him. #Kishan

I spoke with Miss Kelsey and then told both of the princes that they needed to let her return to Oregon. In fact, I insisted. #MrKadam

In the shade of a tree, I watch as she drove off. How did Ren mess up so completely that she had to put half a world between us? #Kishan

I couldn’t bring myself to watch her leave. Instead, I ran off into the trees as a tiger worried that if I saw her, I’d never let her go. #Ren

At the last second, I sped back to the house, frantic to see one final glimpse of her. I felt I wouldn’t survive unless I did. #Ren

I raced alongside the car but they were too far down the road. Brokenheartedly, I roared out in hopelessness and grief. She was gone. #Ren

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