Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: One Petal Flower by Kristi Ayers

Official Synopsis:

Darian Moon would give anything to be close to Jonas again. Despite reassurances from a friend that her late boyfriend is still around, she is willing to sacrifice everything to be with him, even her own life...
Two forces, motivated by different goals, wage a battle for her heart and soul, leaving Darian to decide which route to take in order to get back to the boy whose soul will not cross over until she finds another who will earn from her, a one petal flower.

  • Pages: 194
  • Published by: Kristi Ayers (July 15, 2012)
  • Genre: YA paranormal romance
  • **Disclaimer:  Kristi Ayers gave me One Petal Flower in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to review this and all thoughts are my own and subjective.

My feelings toward this book are kind of conflicted. There were aspects that I liked about it, but if one big thing had been changed, I think it would have been so much better: I wish it had been more drawn out. 

The content was good--I liked the paranormal topic, the basis of each character, the imagery--but because it was such a short book, I felt like I didn't understand where the characters were coming from. The relationships and plot felt rushed and it was like all of a sudden, people were declaring their love for each other. It wasn't a bad timeline of events considering the length of the book (194 pages) but I think the book could have benefited if there was more content. Purposeful content, of course, but more, nonetheless. 

On One Petal Flower's topic: this book was about ghosts and revenants. It was the closest I've come to a zombie book so that was interesting and I like books that incorporate heaven/the "in between", so I liked the book for those aspects. A smaller thing I liked about the book was that Kristi Ayers gave her characters not-your-average-Joe names. My favorite part of the story was that the M.C., Darian, was eventually able to find peace after her boyfriend's passing.

The book had all the right elements there, but it just needed more to it. Had their been more interaction, time, and growth between the characters, we could have gotten to know them better. Thus, the events and emotions in the book would have transitioned more smoothly and I would have felt more connected. I think I would have loved the book because apart from the length, the writing itself was good. The imagery and word choice were good. Maybe a little wordy at times, but for the most part good!

There were some parts of the story I would have liked an elaboration on (the revenants and supernatural). Some things I would have preferred been left to the reader to make his/her own assumptions (the reason behind someone's actions/words via Darian's thoughts). I actually think it would have been really cool if One Petal Flower was written from dual POVs (Darian's and Chayton's) because then we could have learned about/connected more with Jonas, and understood Chayton and all the paranormal stuff more. As it turns out, Kristi Ayers is writing a sequel to One Petal Flower in Chayton's POV so now we may get just that!

Recommended for readers who like: short romance/paranormal books.


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