Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Goals Check-In

The difference between the progress made on my reading goals versus my life goals is a stark contrast. 2015 was my busiest year yet. Real life consumed more of my time than fictional life, which is relieving because I wasn't living in the clouds, yet, sad because BOOKS! Because I was so focused on other aspects of my life, when I reevaluated my goals midway, I realized I no longer cared to reach most of the reading goals. And by the end of the year, I didn't not have the time to read as many books as these goals required so... let's start with the reading results shall we? Get those bunched up knickers out of the way.

My 2015 Reading Goals:
Note: The italics include books I was able to apply to challenges.

1. Read 5 of my oldest ebooks (added before 2015) | Incomplete
Collide by Shelly Crane
A Matter of Fate by Heather Lyons
Smash into You by Shelly Crane
On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

2. Read 5 of the earliest books added to my TBR list | Incomplete
Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty
Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
Burned by Ellen Hopkins
The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

3. Read 5 books I owned before 2015 | Incomplete
The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons
City of Heavenly Fire by Cassie Clare
I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

4. Read 3 classics | Incomplete
A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis

5. Read 5 books that inspired Disney/childhood movies | Didn't start

6. Read 5 historical novels and/or memoirs | Incomplete
Light on a Ground of Darkness by Ted Kooser

7. Finish 5 series I've already begun | Incomplete
The Mortal Instruments
Wolves of Mercy Falls

8. Read 10 new-to-me authors | Complete
A.S. King, Heather Lyons, Ted Kooser, Elizabeth Gilbert, Kat Zhang, Tarryn Fisher, Tracey Garvis-Graves, Ellen Hopkins, Megan McCafferty, Patrick Ness, Andrea Cremer

9. Begin 10 series | Complete
A Matter of Fate, What's Left of Me, Nightshade, Ruby Red, Jessica Darling, Love Me With Lies, Never Never, Collide, Burned, Puddle Jumping

10. Read more Shelly Crane books | Complete
I read to somewhere between 25% and 50% of Collide and Smash into You before dropping them both. As much as I love Shelly Crane's Significance and Wide Awake series, I couldn't handle the sickly sweetness of these two.

11. Read 1 book a week | Incomplete
I read 44 books this year. Still happy I read this many, but I'm looking forward to (hopefully) more next year :)

12. Read X number of books from my TBR pile based on their release dates | Incomplete
This was going to be an all inclusive and overarching goal, but seeing as how this would have required 65 books and I read 44 books this year, I clearly, did not reach this goal.

My 2015 Life Goals:

1. Write my first completed draft | In Progress
Halfway through the year I started my story from scratch, which put me behind on word count, but it allowed the story to progress SO MUCH SMOOTHER. I still ran into some hiccups along the way (lack of motivation, other writing woes, busy semester) so I did not complete my first draft, but it doesn't matter because I still worked really hard on what I did accomplish and I'm excited to continue writing next year!

2. Watch 1 new movie/documentary/TV show a week | Complete

3. Hone crafting skills | In Progress
Faltered on wood working and painting, but the creative juices have been in motion!
  • Altered a bookshelf (added new shelves)
  • Loom knitted an infinity scarf
  • Took two graphic design classes - drawing-based and computer-based
  • Barely tried calligraphy (wasn't good, but I'll keep trying)
  • Made Christmas snowflake ornaments
  • Painted my room!
4. Go to my first concert | In Progress
Yeah...about that. I was invited to quite a few concerts by a friend, but none of them peaked my interest enough. I wanted to see Julianne and Derek Hough during their MOVE: Live On Tour; unfortunately I couldn't make it. BUT GUESS WHAT?! I've purchased tickets to see Selena Gomez and Josh Groban in 2016! That counts right?

5. Educate myself and vote when I can  | Complete
I voted on a state proposal.

6. Develop a healthy living style | In Progress
Healthy living, I've determined, will always be a give and take for me. Some weeks I am really good at eating a clean diet and exercising when I can find time, while other times I just need all the sweets and bed lounging! For me, it's about the balance, and that's not something I'm going to measure on a complete or incomplete scale.

7. Consciously appreciate the things and people I have in my life and show that I mean it | Complete

8-11. Personal goals concerning character | In Progress

12. Try new things without fear holding me back | Complete
I went to Italy! Flew across the Atlantic for the first time! Tried limoncello. Ate gelato... and lamb brain. And tried some other new things ;)

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