Saturday, September 21, 2013

BOOK TAG: Seven Random (Book) Facts

This is an older tag, but tags are fun no matter how old, so here I am doing it for the first time! Zees are zee rules you must follow OR ELSE you shall be expelled from your blog (heehee!):
  • Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  • Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.
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  1. Some statistics: 1 of every 4 books I've read this year I have rated 5 stars. 4 of every 10 books I've read this year I have rated 5 OR 4 stars. It takes a certain criteria for me to LOVE a book/give it 5 stars. I'm not saying that the books I don't love are bad or that the books I do love are fabulous, but simply stated, I do not fall in love with individual books easily.
  2. I am the president of my school's book club. Last year, I organized a book drive at my school for the CAN (Child Abuse & Neglect) Council for the children and teens who are assisted by this organization. I hope to do a similar book drive this year.
  3. Twilight was the series that put me on the hunt for more great books. I love Twilight. I was a Twihard. I am not ashamed.
  4. I love books about aliens. The actual universe is THE definition of MIND BLOWING. Seriously, think about how far of a distance you'd be covering if you traveled our world by boat. Then look up how big Earth is compared to Jupiter; look up how far away Pluto is; look up how long it would take for one of our spaceships to travel to the closest planet outside our solar system; look up how many solar systems are in our Milky Way galaxy, look up how many galaxies are in our Universe. FREAKING BILLIONS OF LIGHTYEARS is the answer to most of these questions. Then think about how there's bound to be other life forms on one of those trillions of trillions of planets out there...and how one day they had the advanced capability to come to our planet. I can't even wrap my simple mind around something so beyond LARGE. Yeah. Mind. Blown.
  5. I have never met an author of a book I've read. It's pitiful and non expressive of my gratitude and feelings toward my favorite authors and their books. For a fangirl, this is problematic.
  6. The first book I remember reading in my kindergarten class (as a test to see if I could read without struggling) had a light blue cover and a rabbit blowing bubble gum on the front.
  7. I only buy books I know I will reread. I borrow books and if I fall in love to the point where I can't stop thinking about the them, I then will buy them. Because of this, I only own 75 physical books, 3 shelves full.
Now, I tag:
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Aaand I tag YOU!
So, yes I tagged more than 7 people. Expel me. ;) (Also, no one tagged me to do this, that's why I didn't credit a tag.)


  1. Have you read The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout? That series is about aliens. And ohh, how about The 5th Wave?
    I sadly have no time, so I can't do this, but thanks for tagging me! (:

    1. I have! I really liked the first one, and I just posted a review of The 5th Wave yesterday! The alien concepts in T5W were amazing! Whenever I hear the word "alien" in reference to the book, I zoom to it, but unfortunately, there just aren't very many alien YA books out there so I don't know of more. :/
      Not a problem! :) Happy reading!