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Series Wrap-Up: Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters

Thanks for checking out my FIRST Series Wrap-Up! This is a new segment I'm introducing so I'll explain a bit about it first and why I'm doing it. When I read the books of a series back to back, I typically rush through them and that makes it difficult for me to catch up on reviewing them as well as difficult to write distinct reviews. This new segment is a way for me to still review the series I read without repeating the constants of the books within each review. (Ehem, my reviews for the Covenant books by Jennifer L. Armentrout... O.o )

I will be giving a bit of information about the series, reviewing in a "Overall, Loved, Liked, & Disliked" fashion, and give an averaged rating that will be out of 5 leaves (instead of 5 stars). I will also mention my favorite and least favorite installment of the series, but since this series in particular is short, I'll just be giving the individual ratings for each book.

About the Series:
Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters is a New Adult contemporary romance series made up of two novels and one novella. The books were self-published between October 2012 and March 2013. Book One begins with our heroine, a witty, realistic girl named Maggie, reacting to the arrival of a new guy, Clay, at her high school. Clay is mysterious and brooding, but the more Clay makes it known that he doesn't want to talk to anyone, the more Maggie wants to know him. The series follows their relationship as they get to know each other and discover that simply liking each other isn't going to be so simple when they're struggling against inner demons. The sexual content is very mature and it deals with tough/dark subjects.  More on the series HERE.

Overall Rating:

Overall Thoughts: 
This series is pretty intense. One of the characters has a (MINI SPOILER!) psychological disorder and he/she doesn't have stable treatment for it, so the series is very dark. I could just feel the heaviness of the tone as I read the series. There were a lot of aspects I really enjoyed, but the way the heavy topics were handled by the characters plus the sexual description dampened the series for me.

I loved everything about the first half of the first book, Find You in the Dark (FYitD). Seriously everything! The witty writing and the way Maggie and Clay interacted had me giggling up and down. Maggie's "no fluff" policy and the mystery to Clay's character in the beginning brought great character and intrigue to the story. I was definitely rooting for Clay and Maggie's relationship to build. Two major concepts of this whole series was trust and truth and I loved that focus. I also love the cover designs for this series! They're what initially drew me to this series--aren't they amazing?!

I liked the subject. That the main conflict centered around a psychological disorder. I have a friend who has the same disorder, but I haven't read any fictional books about it so that was a cool change and brought some interesting twists to the table. I also liked Maggie's best friends (and their novella) and how the series ended. The ending was a bit overdone/too fairy tale-like in my opinion, but it was sweet nonetheless!

I understood going into this series that there would be sex scenes. Since I'm not all about feelings like I'm in bed with characters and seeing everything they're seeing, I was prepared to skim, but some of these scenes seriously shocked me. Also, Clay and Maggie's relationship became very irrational and the decisions they made were ones that left me mentally screaming at them. They just kept making irresponsible and selfish decisions! I understand that was kind of the point, the fact that their love for each other was so irrational and intense for teenagers and their situations and feelings were what made the story...but it just got to the point where they were making me not enjoy reading these books. Going back to the disorder, it made the books very dark, which heavy topics are typically my favorites to read about, but the way the story was told ultimately made the topic drain me. I had to force myself to continue reading the second novel. On top of that, some of the actions/treatments that followed up with the disorder made me question how much the author knew about the disorder. Something just felt off.

Individual Ratings:

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