Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rethinking My TBR Pile & 2015 Goals

This past year I restructured my TBR list quite a bit. I had over 300 books on the list, a lot of which I added after seeing good ratings for or pretty covers (sue me). ;) It became overwhelming very quickly so I split my TBR list into FOUR separate shelves. I know, that sounds like it would make things so much more complicated, but honestly, it has actually helped me! Let me explain them:

1) To-Read
Named after Goodreads' default bookshelf
Purpose: For all the books I DEFINITELY wanted to read at some point
Criteria: These books must interest me because of the synopsis, author, and/or convincing recommendations from multiple people (friends, family, bloggers, BookTubers, etc)
Current # of books listed: 154

2) Maybe
Named after my indecisiveness/wariness
Purpose: For all the books I wasn't sold on, but didn't want to cast aside right away; to keep in mind
Criteria: These books include ones that crossed my path and peaked my interest for some reason
Current # of books listed: 292

3) Kindle Freebies
Named after the kindle books I downloaded for free (pretty straight forward)
Purpose: To keep straight the dozens upon dozens of free kindle books I binge downloaded when I first got my kindle (as well as freebies I later downloaded).
Criteria: These books include ones a) I know for sure I will read at some point and b) ones I don't know much about but am willing to crack open because, um, they were FREE.
Current # of books listed: 44

4) Classics to Consider
Named after the classics I'm considering reading (super straight forward)
Purpose: To keep track of the classics I've been coming across.
Criteria: These books include classics from authors I have not read before and am not sure if I will like there writing style, but I want to give a try some day and am not sure which of their books I want to try.
Current # of books listed: 25

In the end, what splitting my TBR list into four different shelves has allowed me to do is a) prioritize the books I really want to read and b) not let the "gems" get swept away in the overflow. With that said, I was looking at my TBR list again (does anyone else do that? Just look at the books you can't wait to read in anticipation?) and what did I find? I discovered that...

On my main TBR list I have:

19... 2015 releases
30... 2014 releases
31... 2013 releases
20... 2012 releases
16... 2011 releases
23... 2000 to 2010 releases
11... released before 2000
+ 4 more books without estimated release dates

Last year quite a few of my reading goals revolved around the books' publishing years and after seeing the figures above, I decided I still wanted this aspect to be a part of my reading goals for this year, that way I'm not neglecting books published a few (or many) years back. I already made 10 book goals for 2015, but I don't want to add 7 more on top of that so I'm going to make similar goals to last year's except have them coincide with my other goals. Meaning: I hope I can read past the 53 books I need to read in order to finish my 10 goals so that when I'm done, all the books I've read for the year will also fulfill these added goals. So my coinciding book goals for 2015 are:

Read 10 books released in 2015
Read 15 books released in 2014 
Read 15 books released in 2013
Read 5 books released in 2012
Read 5 books released in 2011
Read 10 books released from 2000-2010
Read 5 books released 2000 releases

65 books in 2015.

I'm not sure how feasible this goal is (I'm going to be a lot busier this year than I have been in the past!) BUT this is best case scenario and I would love to cut my main TBR list by approximately a third so I'm gong to go for it! :) (I figured a third by keeping in mind the books I'll likely move from my maybe, kindle freebies, and classics shelves as well as the books I've yet to discover)

Until next time, happy reading!


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