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Top Ten Tuesday #13: Best New-To-Me Authors of 2013

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Today's topic:
Top Ten New-To-Me Authors of 2013

*Click on the book titles to read my review for each book!*

Katie McGarry - March 2013 with Pushing the Limits | My friend Bayli one day said, "You would really like this book," so I went solely off of her recommendation and requested it from my library. Needless to say, I loved it! I love how Katie McGarry's use of intense subjects and how she paced the story. Since PtL, I've read the companion novella, Crossing the Line, and companion novel, Dare You To, by Katie McGarry, and loved them as well. Katie McGarry is now one of my favorite authors!

Katja Millay - June 2013 with The Sea of Tranquility | I heard raves for this book for half a year before I finally read it. I couldn't afford paying for the kindle AND paperback edition, but I just knew it was going to be one I would love and need to own, so I waited for it to release in paperback in June 2013 to read it. This book was right up my ally with intense subjects and a trickling plot! I wish Katja would release more books soon!

Shelly Crane - June 2013 with Wide Awake | Wide Awake was such a heart-warming and thought-provoking story. Simply wonderful. Since WA, I have read the first two novels of Crane's heart-fluttery and giggle-inducing paranormal romance series, Significance and Accordance.The most fantastic and astounding thing about the Significance series is that Crane made this paranormal romantic relationship, which occurred over a matter of nine days, make PERFECT sense WITHOUT seeming rushed. I know what you are thinking, the characters fell in love within nine days, but when you take the paranormal aspect and mix it with Crane's amazing (seriously, amazing) pacing skills, the only thing that DID make sense was for the characters to love each other. If you wanna know more of my thoughts, click the LINK to read my review on that topic. I can't wait to dive into the three sequel novels and sequel novella of the Significance series as well as the companion sequel and sequel novella to the Wide Awake series!

Jennifer L. Armentrout - April 2013 with Half-Blood | Jennifer Armentrout writes angst really well and her writing seems effortless as I read it! I've read all the books in this series now, minus the last novel that released this fall, and loved them, despite the fact that I feel like Armentrout copied Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series to create her series of mythology. I've also read the first three books of her Lux series.

Fisher Amelie - February 2013 with Vain | Long story short, this is now my favorite book out of all 300+ books I've read in my life! I am beyond happy and grateful and thankful that I found Fisher Amelie's work of heart and inspiration because without it, I wouldn't be helping people around the world like I am today. Since Vain, I have read it's companion sequel, Greedand the first book in the Sleepless series, Callum & Harper.

Huntley Fitzpatrick - April 2013 with My Life Next Door | Huntley Fitzpatrick has such a simplistic and comfortable writing style. MLND was so heartwarming. I hope her 2014 release, What I Thought Was True is just as good.

Morgan Matson - August 2013 with Second Chance Summer | Stayed up until 4am to read Matson's 2013 release. Bawled my eyes out. 

L.B. Simmons - March 2013 with Running On Empty | The only Adult romance on this list and I loved it. This was L.B.'s (hey, L.B.!) debut self-pubbed novel and it really took off for her. Since RoE, I have read the sequel novella Recovery

Tahereh Mafi - June 2013 with Shatter Me | I have been not enjoying YA dystopian novels, but Mafi's Shatter Me broke that too-long streak! I hope to read Unravel Me in the first couple months of 2014.

Kiera Cass - December 2013 with The Selection | To be honest, I was not looking forward to this series, but my friend made me read the first book and I dove straight into the sequel novella and novel without any hesitation. This series impressed me more than I thought it would and I am quite grateful for Cass' creation of it. :)

Let me know in the comments what your favorite new authors were from this year!

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